20 Jan 2020 17:10

No foul play found in death of ex-director of Armenian National Security Service

YEREVAN. Jan 20 (Interfax) - No traces of violence have been found on the body of Georgi Kutoyan, which was found with a gunshot wound on January 17, Armenian Investigative Committee press secretary Naira Arutyunyan said.

"No traces of violence were found on Kutoyan's body. Some other evaluations have been ordered; their results have yet to be obtained," Arutyunyan told the local media on Monday.

The body of Kutoyan, 38, was found with a gunshot wound in his apartment on January 17. The Investigative Committee has opened a criminal case based on the article dealing with incitement to suicide.

Many bullets and cartridge cases were found in the man's apartment, but the Armenian Investigative Committee said on January 18 that Kutoyan had randomly opened fire on the walls of his apartment back in December 2019.

"Investigators found 35 empty cartridge cases and six bullets in the dining room of the apartment on the table in front of the sofa, where his body was found, seven empty cartridge cases and one bullet were found on the floor in the dining room, and three bullets were found in the kitchen. A Glock pistol without cartridges was lying by Kutoyan's right leg. Forty-one instances of damage were found in the wall in front of the sofa. Kutoyan had moved into the apartment alone in late December and he fired 35 random shots at the wall using his Glock 34 pistol after drinking alcohol. Kutoyan later asked his wife to collect the empty cartridge cases and bullets and she put them on the table in front of the sofa," the Investigative Committee said.

According to the report, Kutoyan had temporarily lived in his father's house in Yerevan since December 9 after returning to Armenia, but he sometimes visited his apartment.

"On January 19, Kutoyan took a taxi from his father's house to his apartment, warning his family that he intended to relax there for 2-3 days. His family, who were unable to contact him by phone later, went to the apartment on January 17 and found Kutoyan's body there," the Investigative Committee said.

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said on January 18 that the government would do everything possible to determine all circumstances of Kutoyan's death.