22 Jan 2020 10:38

Eight people, including child, killed as result of militants' attack on Aleppo outskirt

ALEPPO (Syria). Jan 22 (Interfax) - Illegal armed units keep attacking the Zahra neighborhood on the western outskirt of Syria's biggest city, Aleppo; eight civilians, including one child, were killed and 13 suffered injuries as a result of a recent attack by militants, a representative of the local hospital said on Wednesday.

"Civilians were injured in the Zahra neighborhood of the Aleppo province as a result of attacks several days ago; they were taken to the hospital. Three persons were admitted, and one of them died. Two suffered fragmentation injuries of the back and legs. One patient has minor traumas, and the other's condition is severe," head of the hospital's neurosurgery department Abdel Nur said.

Zahra has been under siege for six years, and the militants have repeatedly tried to take it over. Before the war, it was one of the most prestigious suburbs of Aleppo.