23 Jan 2020 15:33

LPR rejects Kyiv's call for reviewing sequence of Minsk Agreements' implementation

LUHANSK. Jan 23 (Interfax) - The call by the Ukrainian representative to the Trilateral Contact Group (TCG)'s political subgroup to review the sequence of actions toward implementing the Minsk Agreements contravenes the Package of Measures (Minsk 2), the self-proclaimed Luhansk People's Republic (LPR) representative to the subgroup Rodion Miroshnik said on Telegram on Thursday.

"The Minsk Agreements should not be reviewed, they should be implemented. The Ukrainian representatives should have started with this postulate. They also should remember that the Package of Measures for the implementation of the Minsk Agreements was approved by the UN Security Council after it was vetted by the Kyiv representative," Miroshnik said.

"The most important thing about all of Kyiv's new-old initiatives is their blatant disagreement with Minsk 2. The Minsk Agreements are based on a clear, logical sequence: they start with the simultaneous implementation of security and political reconfiguration measures, continue with social and economic stabilization, and lead to the transfer of control over the border only upon the achievement of 'complete political settlement'," he said.

So far, Kyiv has not fulfilled any of the 13 provisions of the Package of Measures, Miroshnik said. "Nothing has been done to fulfill Kyiv's main obligation, which would make the settlement of our domestic conflict possible in principle, that is, the provision of special status for Donbas. Not a single decision made at the Normandy-format summit in 2019, in regard to political affairs, neither coordination of every legal aspect of special status with us in Minsk nor even the integration of the Steinmeier Formula compromise in its approved edition into Ukrainian legislation, has been implemented," he said.

"In the end, it must be understood that every 'new initiative' moves Kyiv farther from Minsk and the possibility of independently settling the conflict in Donbas," Miroshnik said.