23 Jan 2020 15:56

Russian govt to provide 2 bln rubles in subsidies for accreditation of veterinary labs in 2022

MOSCOW. Jan 23 (Interfax) - In 2022 Russia will begin subsidizing the accreditation of laboratories within the state veterinary service system that will diagnose infectious and parasitic diseases subject to veterinary oversight.

Two billion rubles will be provided.

This follows from an explanatory note attached to a government resolution dated January 21 and published on the official government website. The Agriculture Ministry submitted the draft resolution.

The subsidies will be used to compensate laboratories' expenditures on receiving accreditation for a period of no more than two years preceding the year of the subsidies' receipt. Expenses such as capital repairs to laboratory buildings, modernization and acquisition of equipment, training of employees, and interlaboratory comparisons will be covered.

"The effectiveness of the use of subsidies under the 'Export of Agricultural Products' federal project will be assessed on a yearly basis by the Russian Agriculture Ministry" based on criteria laid out in agreements between the Agriculture Ministry and regional executive bodies, according to the explanatory note.