24 Jan 2020 17:46

Crimean resident detained for making explosives caches on orders of Ukrainian security services - FSB

MOSCOW. Jan 24 (Interfax) - A resident of Crimea has been detained for storing explosives in caches on the orders of the Ukrainian security services, the Federal Security Service (FSB) said in a statement.

"The Russian FSB has detained a resident of Crimea, who built up caches containing ammunition and explosives in the region on the orders of the Ukrainian security services. Nine electric detonators, three fuses, time-delay fuses, and five kilograms of highly explosive material have been discovered and seized from the caches he made in Simferopol," a representative of the FSB public relations center told Interfax on Friday.

The FSB investigative department for Crimea and Sevastopol has charged the detainee with conspiring to illegally procure, possess, and transport explosives and ammunition, the statement said.

A court has ordered the suspect's arrest.

Investigative procedures are underway, the FSB said.

Additionally, the FSB presented a video featuring explosives and ammunition being retrieved from a cache in Crimea.

The video shows that the cache was located in a forest. Several plastic bags and plastic bottles wrapped in scotch tape were taken out of a hole in the ground. Detonators, fuses, wires, two plastic bottles, and a canister containing a brown substance were retrieved and placed on the ground.

The suspect's identity has not been disclosed.

The court has arrested the suspect until February 18.

"The Simferopol Kiyevsky District Court on December 20, 2019, arrested the man until February 18, 2020," the court press service told Interfax on Friday.