28 Jan 2020 10:52

Russian Consulate General in China's Shenyang reports no pneumonia cases among Russians in this consular district

MOSCOW. Jan 28 (Interfax) - Russia's diplomatic mission in the Chinese city of Shenyang said on Tuesday that no Russian citizens are suffering from pneumonia in this part of China.

"The information available indicates that there are no cases of the infection among Russian citizens in this consular district" the Consulate General said in a post on VK.

As of January 28, the Liaoning province has 27 confirmed cases of pneumonia, including seven such cases in the city of Shanyang, five in Dalian, four in Dandong, two in Chaoyang, two in Tieling, two in Huludao, two in Benxi, two in Panjin, and one in Jinzhou.

"A total of 418 people who have come into contact with infected persons have been identified. Of these, 14 have been confirmed as having no illness, and another 404 are awaiting sample results under medical surveillance. No fatal cases have been registered," the Russian diplomatic mission said.

The education departments of the Liaoning and Jilin provinces have announced that the resumption of classes at universities, schools of all stages, and kindergartens has been postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

"A decision on reopening educational establishments will be made depending on how the epidemiological situation develops," the diplomatic mission said.

According to reports, the Jilin province has eight confirmed pneumonia cases, including three such cases in the city of Jilin, two in Sunguan, one in Changchun, one in Siping, and one in Gongzhuling. Another 184 people are awaiting the results of their laboratory tests. No fatal cases have been registered.