28 Jan 2020 12:19

Russia updates its space policy

MOSCOW. Jan 28 (Interfax) - Russian President Vladimir Putin signed an order to endorse new fundamentals of the national space policy on Monday, Roscosmos First Deputy General Director Yury Urlichich said at the Space Academic Readings on Tuesday.

"The fundamentals of the national space policy were endorsed with a presidential order yesterday. They are new, they have changed," Urlichich said.

Changes have been made in regard to the development of Russia's satellite cluster and improved access to outer space from the Russian territory, he said.

"They also apply to fundamental and other kinds of space research, which are crucial for expansion projects in outer space and, of course, manned space programs, which for now will be carried out in the near-Earth orbit, and they should provide a step toward the eternal development that is in store for mankind," Urlichich said.

"Obviously, we should not just be a species populating the Earth but also one able to leave the Earth if necessary," he said.