30 Jan 2020 10:21

Opinions of Greta Thunberg can vary, but young generation has right to ask questions - Tatneft CEO

ALMETYEVSK. Jan 30 (Interfax) - The business community's debate about climate change, which received a great deal of attention at the World Economic Forum in Davos, was not a revelation for Tatneft , as the Russian oil company has always devoted attention to environmental problems, Tatneft CEO Nail Maganov told reporters.

"The company has been investing major resources in the environment for literally decades. From the point of view of our company, for us this is just confirmation. What we have done, are doing today, perhaps this is a signal that we need to do more. And in this sense Davos was not a revelation for us," Maganov said.

He said that in 2020 Tatneft plans to draw up its fifth environmental program, which will cover the operations of the whole group. Tatneft annually allocates about 11 billion rubles for environmental projects, Maganov said. In addition, the company planted 1.5 million trees in 2019.

"We have planted, are planting trees. We've planted millions. Therefore, when Professor Schwab said "a trillion," this did not shock us very much. We just need a thousand times more than now," Maganov joked.

Commenting on the activities of young environmental activist Greta Thunberg, Maganov said that opinions about her can vary, "but the young generation has a right to ask such questions," as "[t]hey have to live on this planet."