31 Jan 2020 13:38

Rosmol planning to invest 450 mln rubles in expanding production at dairy plant in Bashkortostan

UFA. Jan 31 (Interfax) - The Rosmol Group is planning to modernize the Sterlitamak Dairy Plant in Bashkortostan, according to a statement on the head of the republic's website.

The project will cost 450 million rubles.

New milk- and butter-packaging units and equipment for drying and condensing milk will be purchased.

State support will be provided in the form of tax preferences and compensation of expenses for acquiring equipment.

Rosmol is a dairy group. It includes five production and sales sites in the Chelyabinsk and Sverdlovsk Regions and Bashkortostan. They process between 790 tonnes (winter) and 1,200 tonnes of milk (summer) a day, with daily output of 700 tonnes.

According to SPARK-Interfax, at the beginning of 2016, 81.66% of the company belonged to the chairman of its board of directors, Dmitry Yeremin.

Rosmol's Sterlitamak Dairy Plant is one of Bashkortostan's biggest dairy producers. It is the successor to a city-owned dairy plant created in 1971. It has its own dairy complex and two sales sites, in Ufa and Neftakamsk. The plant can process 300 tonnes of raw milk a day and produces over 150 products under brands such as Darenka, Pervy Vkus, and Naturel.