31 Jan 2020 17:24

A Just Russia proposes its amendments to Russian Constitution

MOSCOW. Jan 31 (Interfax) - The party A Just Russia has made its proposals regarding amendments to the Russian Constitution.

The amendments proposed by A Just Russia envisage the inclusion in the Constitution of a provision on the right to a social pension for women who have turned 55 and for men who have turned 60, the press service for the party's faction in the State Duma said on Thursday.

They also suggest imposing a ban on "the adoption of laws cancelling the social obligations of the state to citizens without compensation.

The party proposes introducing a provision "on annual, instead of just regular indexation of pensions, which should be in an amount of not less than the projected inflation level." Similar adjustments are proposed for social benefits and other social payments, the report said.

Besides, the party suggests "removing from the Constitution the mention of the independent status of the Central Bank and adding to it the function that the Central Bank should be in charge of not only the stability of the ruble, but also ensuring the conditions of economic growth and people's employment."

The faction's leader Sergei Mironov was quoted by the press service as saying that "it will be right if the Duma factions act as a united front on these vital issues."

"We especially insist that the mistake with the increase of the pension age should be fixed before it goes too far, now is the moment when we can do that. I know very well that our colleagues in other factions, including many people in United Russia agree with us on the pension reform," Mironov said.

Mironov suggested that the heads of the other three parliamentary factions support the amendments drafted by A Just Russia for the second reading of the presidential bill on changes to the Constitution. "Mironov suggests that members of the United Russia, LDPR and CPRF factions join these amendments as co-authors," the press service said.

The State Duma on January 23 passed at first reading a bill on amendments to the Russian Constitution on enhancing the regulation of certain aspects of the organization of public governance, which had been submitted by the president.

The second reading of the bill was scheduled for February 11, but it may be rescheduled to late February or early March.