3 Feb 2020 21:37

Russia may begin exporting Armata tank - UVZ

MOSCOW. Feb 3 (Interfax) - Exports of the T-14 Armata tank may begin in the near future, UralVagonZavod (UVZ) head Alexander Potapov said.

"Usually, all international customers like to make purchases after the product is purchased by the Ministry of Defense. Soon, we will develop an export version passport, and the shipments themselves may become a reality once there is a decision from our leadership, in the foreseeable future," Potapov said in an interview with the Vedomosti newspaper.

It is planned to start shipping the Armata to the Russian Armed Forces in 2020 for combat and test service, he said.

"During factory tests, all characteristics embedded in it [the model] were proven. The project is complicated in terms of both structure and technological solutions, with a great amount of cooperation involved. Currently, the main stages of preparatory works are about to finish, which enables moving onto serial production," Potapov said.

"But there is no other tank like this in the world. And our peers won't have anything like this in the next few years. Armata is a unique platform with a great future. People who say there are some difficulties arising there are oblivious to one thing: it took much longer to make the T-72, for example, and here we have an absolutely new product," Potapov said.

As Interfax reported earlier, UVZ, part of the Rostec state corporation, has developed the Armata heavy tracked vehicle platform. The T-14 tank, the T-15 combat infantry vehicle, and the T-16 armored repair and evacuation vehicle are based on the platform. Armata-based vehicles are now undergoing trials.

Armata-based vehicles participate in the Victory Parade on Moscow's Red Square, which takes place annually on May 9.

Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexei Krivoruchko said at the Army forum in 2018 that the Armed Forces were supposed to receive the first nine serial Armata-based vehicles in 2018. "The contract for 132 vehicles, including the T-14 (tank) and the T-15 (IFV) has been signed as of now. The first contract will be fulfilled by the end of 2021," Krivoruchko said.