4 Feb 2020 17:45

Putin expects China to emerge from coronavirus situation with honor

CHEREPOVETS. Feb 4 (Interfax) - Russian President Vladimir Putin has said he hopes China will overcome the difficult situation surrounding the outbreak of the new coronavirus with honor.

"I expect our Chinese friends to emerge from this difficult situation taking place [in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak] with honor," Putin said.

"All of us are interested in seeing results as efficient as possible in countering the new virus, as well as seeing these results manifest themselves as soon as possible," he said.

Russia will support these efforts in any way possible, Putin said.

Russia is a country with highly-qualified specialists in this field, he said.

"We have dealt with this for decades, since Soviet times, and we have very good institutions in numerous cities across the country. And the fact that we were the first to develop medication against the viral disease Ebola, which has proven to be the most efficacious in the world, is a result of the work of this school. Of course, we've been doing, are doing, and will be doing this in the future," Putin said.