5 Feb 2020 22:18

Secret 'alcohol pipeline' found on Ukraine's border with Transdniestria

KYIV. Feb 5 (Interfax) - An underground pipe which was used to smuggle alcohol from Transdniestria into Ukraine has been found by Ukrainian border guards in the Odesa region.

"Law enforcers on a stretch of the Border Guard Service department in Rozdilna, 500 meters from the border, have found underground a polyethylene pipe with traces of a liquid with a characteristic alcoholic smell," the agency's press service said in a statement.

"The pipeline was probably laid by illicit elements for illegal alcohol smuggling from so-called Transdniestria into Ukraine," the statement said.

In all, around 500 meters of the 20-millimeter-diameter pipe were unearthed between the villages of Nove, Ukraine, and Nikolskoye, Moldova.

Measures are in place to identify those involve in putting the illegal "alcohol pipeline."