10 Feb 2020 21:33

Trust between Chisinau, Tiraspol eroding, no success in normalizing relations - Transdniestrian leader

TIRASPOL. Feb 10 (Interfax) - The negotiating process with Chisinau is continuing to deteriorate amid Moldovan President Igor Dodon's optimistic statements about normalization of relations with Tiraspol, unrecognized Transdniestrian Moldovan Republic President Vadim Krasnoselsky said.

"It is very interesting to hear statements from Igor Nikolayevich Dodon. He talks about the success of the relations [with the Transdniestrian Moldovan Republic], confidence-building measures, and resolved issues. I officially state that no issues have been resolved, confidence is eroding, and there is no success," Krasnoselsky said at a meeting of the extended board of the Transdniestrian Foreign Ministry on Monday.

"This is the stance of both the president and everyone involved in the negotiating process from the Transdniestrian side," the Transdniestrian leader said, adding that "the trust built in 2017-2018 has collapsed."

He advised Dodon to focus on the promises he made during his electoral campaign, introducing Russian as a language of inter-ethnic communication and reopening the Russian schools which were abolished a while back, rather than on statements about the success of Moldovan-Transdniestrian relations.

"Socialists won [in Moldova]. And where is the fulfilment of promises? Completely different processes are taking place in Moldova simultaneously. Not even the history of Romania, but rather the history of Romanians is taught in schools, with no mention of the history of Moldova. The Romanian language, Romanian symbols. Generally speaking, the state is heading in the direction of whose history it studies," Krasnoselsky said, advising those who still believe Dodon's words to take off their "rose-tinted glasses."