18 Feb 2020 13:39

Russia analyzing Zambia's request on financing construction of nuclear technology center - Matviyenko

LUSAKA. Feb 18 (Interfax) - Russia is thoroughly analyzing Zambia's request for help in financing the construction of a nuclear science and technology center in that country and expects to find a good solution, Federation Council Chairperson Valentina Matviyenko said while meeting with President Edgar Chagwa Lungu of Zambia in Lusaka on Tuesday.

"I'd like to say that our ministries and other agencies are thoroughly considering and analyzing your address to the Russian president of last fall. I am confident that, through combining our efforts, we will find possible options for helping finance primarily the start of the construction of a nuclear science and technology center," Matviyenko said.

The construction of this center is a prioritized Russian-Zambian bilateral project, and the parties have done substantial work since signing a relevant agreement in 2017, she said.

"We know that Zambia considers the construction of this center as a first step in the civilian use of nuclear energy and plans to consider the construction of a nuclear power plant in the future," Matviyenko said.

This would qualitatively change Zambia's economy, enabling the country not only to fully satisfy its needs for electricity but also to export it, she said.

However, the construction of a nuclear science and technology center in Zambia has been suspended now due to some outstanding financial issues, Matviyenko said.