25 Feb 2020 16:16

Ukrainian pro-presidential party Servant of the People would win in elections to Rada - poll

KYIV. Feb 25 (Interfax) - If parliamentary elections were held in Ukraine in February 2020, 21.7% of Ukrainians would support the Servant of the People party, the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology (KIIS) said on Tuesday, citing the findings of a public opinion poll.

Another 8.7% of respondents said they would vote for the Opposition Platform - For Life party, 6.0% for the European Solidarity party, and 5.0% for Batkivshchyna.

Among those who have firmly decided who to vote for and are determined to cast their ballots, 39.1% would vote for Servant of the People, 15.6% for Opposition Platform - For Life, 10.8% for European Solidarity, and 9.0% for Batkivshchyna.

The KIIS polled 2,038 respondents living in 110 populated areas in all regions of Ukraine except for those not controlled by Kyiv between February 8 and 18.