11 Mar 2020 13:52

Russian govt, Central Bank can ensure economic stability despite turbulent period - Putin

NOVO-OGARYOVO. March 11 (Interfax) - The Russian government and Central Bank have sufficient resources to ensure economic stability in the present conditions, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

"You're all surely seeing how the Central Bank of Russia is reacting to this, how the government is reacting to the events that are occurring. I'd like to point out that both the one institution and the other have enough instruments, resources, to maintain stability," Putin said at a meeting with investors on Wednesday.

He also expressed confidence that Russia would come through the present period of turbulence worthily and calmly.

"What's more, and we'll talk now, I think you'll support me, there is every chance that Russia's key production sectors will emerge from this situation more hardened and prepared for a further highly competitive battle, Putin said.