31 Dec 2019 22:07

Two policemen killed in attack on checkpoint in Ingushetia - source (Part 2)

MAGAS, Ingushetia. Dec 31 (Interfax) - The second police officer who sustained serious injuries as two men attacked a traffic police checkpoint in Magas, Ingushetia, has died at the hospital, an informed source told Interfax on Tuesday.

"One traffic policeman died on the spot and another at the hospital," the source said.

Police officers killed one of the attackers, identified as Miziyev, and injured the other, Akhmed Imagozhev, a prominent arm wrestler, who was taken to the hospital with injuries. He is now in intensive care.

Tentative findings indicate that Miziyev is a son of the director of the Ingush cultural development center, where Imagozhev worked as a security guard.

"The attackers didn't have firearms, both were armed with knives. They drove a car and knocked down a traffic police officer who was standing on the roadside and caused him knife wounds. Then they attacked a traffic police crew. Seeing his colleagues being attacked, a security official passing by stopped his car and started firing a pistol at the assailants. He himself wasn't harmed seriously, he suffered a minor knife wound. He declined medical help," he said.

In the wake of the tragic incident, the Ingush authorities decided to cancel a concert in Magas.

The local police department had told Interfax earlier on Tuesday that unidentified assailants attacked traffic police officials at the entrance to Magas at about 5:30 p.m. Three police officials suffered injuries in the attack. The attackers were neutralized.

Representatives of regional Interior Ministry leadership have gone to the scene.

The source also said citing preliminary findings that the attacker who was killed by police is a resident of Karabulak, whose name is Miziyev. He is a namesake of Magomed Miziyev, a 20-year-old resident of Ingushetia, who had injured three policemen at a traffic police checkpoint in the village of Yandare on October 19, 2017.