31 Dec 2019 18:37

Ingush elders ask public to help settle inter-tribe conflict in which 1 person has been killed

MAGAS. Dec 31 (Interfax) - The elders of the Ingush Polonkoyev and Yevloyev families have asked Ingushetia's public and clergy on social networking sites to assist in resolving an old inter-teip (tribe) conflict involving a tower complex, in which one person was killed and six were injured last night.

"Immediately after the incident last night, the Polonkoyevs gathered to communicate to the people the details and causes of the conflict in order for the public to help resolve the situation, prevent an escalation, and finally resolve this issue," Bagaudin Polonkoyev, a representative of the Polonkoyev teip, told Interfax on Monday.

The dispute involving the tower complex Pyaling, located in the mountainous Dzheirakhsky district, has lasted for several years; conflicts have happened before, but they were settled, Polonkoyev said.

He said the teip had expressed readiness to accept any balanced and wise decision made by the public on this matter.

Bamat-Giri Buzurtanov, a representative of the Yevloyev teip, told Interfax the elders of his teip had repeatedly asked the Polonkoyevs to resolve the situation peacefully, to involve authoritative elders, but those proposals have remained unanswered.

Buzurtanov called on the Polonkoyevs to stop making mutual accusations and undertake all measures to prevent an escalation of the conflict, to involve religious leaders and public figures.

In the meantime, the region's Health Ministry told Interfax two people were in intensive care and four were in the trauma ward following the shooting last night. All the wounded were hospitalized with gunshot injuries to various body parts; four patients have undergone operations.

According to earlier reports, a shootout using firearms and traumatic weapons between representatives of the two teips took place on the territory of the car market Sunzha around 00:02 a.m. on December 30.

According to tentative information, the conflict was caused by personal dislike and conflict involving two tribal towers in the village of Pyaling, Dzheirakhsky district.

Seven people aged between 30 and 43 sustained gunshot wounds in the incident. One person was killed.

A 36-year-old resident of Sunzha was detained on suspicion of killing a 43-year-old man.

A criminal case has been opened based on the articles of the Criminal Code dealing with murder, illegal turnover of weapons by a group of persons by previous concert, and the attempted killing of two or more people by a group of persons.

An illegal structure on the territory of the tower complex was demolished by a court ruling using a bulldozer in March 2019; the structure was demolished due to frequent disputes between the two teips. The bailiffs' tough actions drew a broad public response and were criticized by the region's administration.