4 Mar 2020 12:26

Russia suspends exports of some medical products to avoid their deficit amid coronavirus situation

MOSCOW. March 4 (Interfax) - Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin has signed a government resolution, which imposes a ban on exports of certain types of medical products, antiviral medications, and equipment until June 1.

The government made the decision to prevent a deficit of individual protection means amid the coronavirus situation.
"To impose a temporary ban on exports of products listed in the appendix from the Russian Federation in the period between the day this resolution takes effect and June 1, 2020," the resolution said.<[> The ban applies to the goods, whose customs clearance started before the resolution took effect, it said.

The Economic Development Ministry will inform the Eurasian Economic Commission about the ban and will propose that the same ban be imposed throughout the customs territory of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU).

The government adopted the resolution, which bans the exports of certain types of medical products from Russia, in order to prevent a deficit of individual protection means against the backdrop of the coronavirus situation.

The temporary ban concerns a whole range of products providing protection from infections, such as medical masks, respirators, chemical protection suits, shoe covers, and medical gowns.

According to the appendix to the governmental resolution dated March 2, the temporary ban will apply to respirators with Class 3 protective googles, anti-aerosol respirators, airtight protective googles, full-face masks with anti-aerosol filters (including the filters), disposable overalls and chemical protection suits, reusable hazmat suits, as well as masks, bandages, cotton wool, gauze, and disinfecting and antiviral products.

The list also includes heavy-duty shoe covers, non-woven medical masks (both disposable and reusable), medical gloves (both sterile and non-sterile), surgical gowns (both disposable and reusable), and disposable non-woven medical sets, including individual civil defense sets for rendering first aid.

The temporary ban on exports of certain types of medical products and protection means from Russia does not apply to humanitarian aid to other countries.

The temporary ban on exports of such products, which is imposed on March 4, does not apply "to the exports aimed at providing international humanitarian assistance to foreign countries on the basis of resolutions of the Russian government," the government resolution said.

In addition, the ban will not apply to exports of medical products and protection means by individuals for personal usage, it said.