19 Jun 2024 11:54

Russian Supreme Court signs cooperation agreements with over 30 countries - chair

MOSCOW. June 19 (Interfax) - The Russian Supreme Court has signed cooperation agreements with over 30 countries, Russian Supreme Court Chairperson Irina Podnosova said.

"As of now, the Russian Supreme Court has concluded cooperation agreements with the supreme courts of over 30 states," Podnosova said at a forum of BRICS supreme court chairs.

The bilateral cooperation format implies familiarization with advanced practices of judicial organization and legal proceedings, visiting and studying the work of courts at various levels, and constructive, businesslike communication with colleagues, "which undoubtedly contributes to the exchange of practices and development," she said.

Current judiciary trends include the influence of legal proceedings on the economic development of states and the investment climate, Podnosova said.

"Constitutional provisions on the social nature of the state and unimpeded entrepreneurship must be implemented in judicial practice in such a way that they harmoniously complement each other," she said.