18 Jun 2024 17:13

Head of Yakutia suggests Russia produce low-power NPPs at industrial scale

YAKUTSK. June 18 (Interfax) - The head of Yakutia, Aisen Nikolaev, proposed at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin that Russia establish the industrial production of small nuclear power plants, as it would allow for savings on the delivery of fuel to small settlements.

"I will separately highlight low-power nuclear power plants. Soviet developments already brought them to fruition, and they meet all modern safety requirements. They are unique in that their thermal and energy power is small, at 10 MW each. And if it were possible for a time to produce them not one-by-one, but by means of some kind of industrial production, then I think it would radically change the situation in hard-to-reach territories," Nikolaev said.

Small nuclear power plants are ideal for northern villages such as Tiksi and Ust-Kuyga, he said.

"We spend a huge amount of money on importing fuel. We deliver it to small settlements 2-3 years in advance. They are insane expenses; it's even scary to even say. And this (small nuclear power plants) could just solve everything," the head of Yakutia said.

As reported, a new low-power land-based nuclear power plant is planned for construction this year in the village of Ust-Kuyga. It will provide heat and electricity to the Kyuchus, Deputatskoye and Tirekhtyakh fields, industrial enterprises, social facilities and housing in the Ust-Yansky and Verkhoyansk regions.