18 Jun 2024 15:02

Dairy exports, imports slowing down in Ukraine - analysts

MOSCOW. June 18 (Interfax) - The growth in fresh dairy product exports has slowed down in Ukraine, Ukrainian media said, citing a statement by the Infagro sectoral information analysis agency.

The agency explained the decline with saturation of the main market - Moldova and the slow search for new markets. For instance, exports of raw materials to Germany are gradually increasing, and ultra-pasteurized milk is delivered to Bulgaria. Glazed curd bars are even supplied to the United States and Canada, it said.

"Imports of fresh dairy products have stopped growing and are much smaller than exports," Infagro said.

The analysts also noted a slight decline in consumption of fresh dairy products in Ukraine in summer.

"The strawberry season is ending, so demand for sour cream is decreasing. There is also a decrease in milk consumption due to tight competition. The sale of long-life milk is especially problematic. Drinkable fermented milk products are selling well," the analysts said.

In their words, prices for fresh dairy products remain stable. Yet they are likely to increase as early as in mid-summer due to the expected rise in production costs, the analysts said.