10 Jun 2024 14:06

Moscow Exchange, Interfax sign cooperation agreement

ST. PETERSBURG. June 10 (Interfax) - The Moscow Exchange and Interfax signed an agreement on June 7 to cooperate on the development of information and analytical products for exchange and over-the-counter financial markets.

Moscow Exchange CEO Yury Denisov and Interfax Group Chairman Mikhail Komissar took part in the official signing ceremony at the 27th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF).

The agreement calls for the companies to work together on creating information and analytical products and services for financial markets and developing innovative ways and methods to work with analytical, fundamental information and news streams.

Moscow Exchange CEO Yury Denisov said "successful trading on the financial market is impossible without the latest information from reliable sources and convenient services for making transactions."

"The Moscow Exchange, as the center of pricing for Russian assets, aims to make both of these components accessible to all participants of the Russian market. This is why we created the Trade Radar information and trading terminal, are launching the Datashop information and financial marketplace with its Compliance Tool and are seeking to join forces with recognized professionals in the area of information product development," Denisov said.

"In our country, Interfax became a pioneer in this area, successfully realizing the advanced model of integrating the latest data on a single platform back in the late 1990s. The agreement we signed today is intended to last five years. We hope that at an upcoming SPIEF we will already be able to share the first results of our joint work with market participants," Denisov said.

Interfax Group Chairman Mikhail Komissar said the "Russian financial market is going through another systemic transformation and in such times uninterrupted access to reliable and verified information is more important than ever to its participants."

"The partnership with the Moscow Exchange will enable us to offer the best solutions for financial market participants, quickly test hypotheses and continue innovating, supported by a solid foundation of professionals," Komissar said.

The Moscow Exchange presented the Datashop information and financial marketplace and Compliance Tool platform at SPIEF-2024. The marketplace is intended for a broad range of financial market participants and acts as a digital channel for access to financial data and information and analytical services. The set of tools of the Compliance Tool platform was developed for the compliance departments of public companies and professional market participants in order to automate the processes of internal control and identify unethical trading practices.

The Moscow Exchange is Russia's largest exchange and only multifunctional platform for trading equities, bonds, derivatives, forex, money market instruments and commodities. The group includes a central depository and a clearing center that acts as a central counterparty on the markets, which enables the Moscow Exchange to provide customers with a complete range of trading and post-trading services.

Interfax is Russia's largest nongovernmental information group, the developer of advanced information and analytical systems for the B2B market and the country's largest private news agency. Interfax offers information products for professional use in mass media outlets, government agencies, companies and banks, specializing in the latest business news with a focus on information that enables its customers to make well-timed decisions on the financial market.