3 Jun 2024 10:33

Wildfires grow from 1,000 to 27,000 hectares in Russia's Yakutia over weekend

YAKUTSK. June 3 (Interfax) - Over 600 firefighters are putting out wildfires on 27,000 hectares in the Russian internal republic of Yakutia, the regional headquarters said.

"Twenty-four forest fires are raging on over 27,000 hectares in the republic, in addition to a 50-hectare landscape fire. There is no threat to populated localities and economic sites," the headquarters said.

A total of 637 persons and 42 vehicles are involved in firefighting effort. Windy and hot weather and complex relief are complicating the work.

The fires were burning on almost 1,000 hectares at the end of last week.

Yakutia announced the wildfire season beginning on May 6.