28 May 2024 21:43

Over 500 bln rub to be allocated for tourism national project implementation in 2025-2030

MOSCOW. May 28 (Interfax) - The Tourism and Hospitality Industry national project will be extended until 2030, its financial support must reach at least 506 billion rubles in 2025-2030; the number of tourist trips in Russia must double by 2030, reaching 140 million, and tourism's share in the GDP must grow to 5%, according to the Russian government's answers to questions of the State Duma members.

"The government supports the extension of the Tourism and Hospitality Industry national project, enabling fulfilling the tasks set, until 2030. At that, special attention will be given to the creation of new points of attraction capable of competing with the leaders of the international tourism market. Theme parks, ski resorts and water parks are among them," the Russian government said.

The government is also planning to supplement the national project with the Five Seas and the Baikal Lake new federal project for building all-season sea resorts on the Baltic, Azov, Caspian Seas and the Sea of Japan envisaging the implementation of ten investment projects in cooperation with Russian constituent entities.

The following steps are envisaged as part of the national project in order to address these tasks: the extension of the concessional lending program for the construction of hotels, including all-season amusement parks, water parks and ski resorts, until 2030, the extension of the support program for modular hotels, the extension of the program of support to constituent entities as part of the single subsidy for the development of tourism, the implementation of the program promoting the national tourism product in the priority countries, the implementation of projects involving Tourism RF Corporation JSC in the creation of the tourism infrastructure, tourist territories and sea resorts.

"The financial support of the national project in accordance with the aforementioned instruction of the president of the Russian Federation must reach at least 506 billion rubles in 2025-2030," the government said.