24 May 2024 20:49

Putin hopes for continuity in Russian-Iranian relations in wake of President Raisi's death

MINSK. May 24 (Interfax) - Russian President Vladimir Putin does not expect changes in Iran's foreign policy in the wake of the death of President Ebrahim Raisi and hopes for continuity of the policies on Russia.

"As for Iran's foreign policy, it's a sovereign decision of Iran. Iran is a large regional power, and it plays a significant role in global affairs. But in my opinion, we are unlikely to see any changes in the Iranian administration's foreign policy after this tragedy," Putin told a press conference following Russian-Belarusian talks.

"I mean that the foundations of Iranian statehood are fairly stable, reliable. We have very good relations with Iran as a state, with the people of Iran and the Iranian administration. I personally don't see any possible serious changes here. But of course, I hope that continuity will stay on the Russian track of Iranian politic and on the track of our cooperation on key international issues," Putin said.

Speaking about the crash in which the Iranian president was killed, Putin mentioned that two of the three helicopters were Russian-made and the helicopter that crashed was U.S.-made.

"By the way, the accompanying persons were aboard the two Russian-made helicopters, in the same conditions, in the same corridor - and without any problems," Putin said.