22 May 2024 14:45

Ukrnafta installs Oil Dynamics pumps in 29 wells

MOSCOW. May 22 (Interfax) - PJSC Ukrnafta has installed 29 electric submersible pumps supplied by Germany's Oil Dynamics in wells, Ukrainian media reported, citing a company press release.

"Electric submersible pumps help stabilize production at fields: they ensure nominal productivity and pressure and, compared to other types of well pumps, increase the turnaround interval," said Ukrnafta chief Sergei Koretsky.

The company said new equipment to API standards would be installed in more than 150 wells by the end of 2024, including facilities already equipped.

Ukrainian frequency control stations operate in tandem with German pumps. Software has been adapted to ensure compatibility.

Ukrnafta said operators and engineers were controlling the equipment remotely, using special operating modes and changing operating frequency. They use an automated remote well monitoring system to monitor all the necessary parameters: pressure, temperature, electric motor load ratio, current, insulation resistance and submersible equipment vibration.

Ukrnafta signed a memorandum with the American Petroleum Institute in 2023 on the implementation of new international standards in the company's work. Replacing outdated equipment with modern international standards is part of the company's renewal strategy.

Ukrnafta increased production of oil with condensate by 39,900 tonnes or 3% to 1,409,900 tonnes in 2023. Production of natural and associated petroleum gas increased by 60.4 mcm or 5.8% to 1.097 billion cubic meters.

Ukrnafta has the strategic goal of doubling oil and natural gas production by 2027, to 3 million tonnes and 2 billion cubic meters, respectively.

Ukrnafta is Ukraine's biggest oil producer. It has a national network of 537 filling stations, of which 456 are operating. The biggest shareholder is Naftogaz with 50% plus one share. The Headquarters of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief ruled on November 5, 2022 to expropriate Ukrnafta shares owned by private shareholders - that stake is now controlled by the Defense Ministry.