21 May 2024 21:44

Venice Commission recommends Georgian authorities withdraw foreign agent bill

TBILISI. May 21 (Interfax) - The European Commission for Democracy through Law, known as the Venice Commission, has strongly recommended that the authorities of Georgia withdraw the bill on the transparency of foreign influence.

According to the document consisting of 24 pages, the commission believes that the existing variant of the bill is incompatible with international standards and the European Convention on Human Rights.

The document emphasizes the risk of stigmatization of civil organizations and the threat of restrictions of rights and freedoms, the press reported.

"The Venice Commission strongly recommends repealing the law in its current form, as its fundamental flaws will involve significant negative consequences for the freedoms of association and expression, the right to privacy, the right to participate in public affairs as well as the prohibition of discrimination. Ultimately, this will affect open, informed public debate, pluralism and democracy," he document said.

The Venice Commission is an advisory body on constitutional law established at the Council of Europe in 1990. Under its charter, the commission is composed of "independent experts who have achieved eminence through their experience in democratic institutions or by their contribution to the enhancement of law and political science."