17 May 2024 13:53

Sandu: European integration referendum most important event after Moldova's declaration of independence

CHISINAU. May 17 (Interfax) - The upcoming referendum on European integration is the most important event after Moldova's declaration of independence, Moldovan President Maia Sandu said.

In a televised interview, she hailed the decision made by the Moldovan parliament on Thursday to schedule the constitutional referendum for October 20.

"The European integration referendum is not something I need, this is not about me or the ruling party. [...] The decision to be made by the people on October 20 is the most important decision since the declaration of independence. Nothing was more important than that. Now everything depends on people, on every one of us. All those in favor of peace, democracy, and national development should promote the idea of European integration at the referendum," Sandu said.

The referendum on European integration scheduled by the Moldovan parliament for October 20 will ask, "Do you support constitutional amendments in the context of the Republic of Moldova's entry into the European Union?"