15 May 2024 16:10

State of emergency declared for agribusiness in Russia's Oryol region over frost

ORYOL. May 15 (Interfax) - Oryol region Governor Andrei Klychkov has declared a state of emergency for agricultural producers over frost recorded in the region from May 3 to 13, the regional administration said.

The state of emergency applies to all of the region's territory.

The governor's directive recommends that the head of the regional agriculture department and the heads of district administrations take measures to mitigate the implications of the emergency and arrange interaction with agricultural businesses that suffered from them.

Irina Gurinovich, acting head of the regional agricultural department's directorate for developing technology in the crop farming and animal husbandry sector, told Interfax that the consequences of the frost have yet to be reviewed.

"It looks like the scope of crop failure will not be that great, but yield will decrease significantly. The average daily temperatures have risen above +5 degrees Celsius in the past three days. Vegetation has resumed, although not very actively yet. Water availability in the southeastern part of the region is currently below the long-run annual average. Due to weather conditions, the application of herbicide to crops has been suspended," she said.

As reported earlier, frost in the Oryol region destroyed beets grown on 1,800 hectares of farmland and damaged winter wheat on around 500 hectares, flax on 300 hectares, and summer rapeseed on 500 hectares.

Crops in the Oryol region have been sown on 1.3 million hectares of farmland in 2024.