13 May 2024 13:41

Bashneft increases prices for high-octane gasoline at gas stations in Bashkortostan

UFA. May 13 (Interfax) - Bashneft has increased retail prices for AI-100 gasoline in Bashkortostan as of May 10, 2024, Bashneft-Retail LLC reported. A liter of fuel has risen 50 kopecks in price to 65.15 rubles.

The last time this type of gasoline increased in price was on September 15, 2023, when it rose from 64.15 rubles to 64.65 rubles.

For the first time this year, prices at Bashneft gas stations increased on April 6. Prices for one liter of ATUM-95, AI-95 and DT gasoline also increased 30 kopecks.

The company raised retail prices for some types of gasoline and diesel fuel once again in mid-April. Therefore, prices for one liter of ATUM-95 and AI-95 each increased 30 kopecks to 54 rubles and 52.95 rubles, respectively. The cost of a liter of diesel fuel also increased 30 kopecks to 62 rubles.

Retail prices for other types of fuel have not changed.

Gasoline at Bashneft gas stations in Bashkortostan rose in price 18 times (from 6-27%) in 2023, and diesel fuel rose 11 times (by 7%). The cost of a liter of AI-92 increased 2.65 rubles throughout the year, while ATUM-92 rose 3.15 rubles, ATUM-95 increased 3.65 rubles, and AI-100 rose 6.3 rubles. Prices for diesel fuel increased 4.2 rubles.

Bashneft increased retail prices at gas stations in 2022, mainly for diesel fuel. The price increased by over 11 rubles throughout the year.

The Bashneft gas station chain consists of 540 gas stations (including one water refill station and three natural gas filling stations) located in 14 regions of Russia.