7 May 2024 13:11

Russian government resigns

MOSCOW. May 7 (Interfax) - Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin has signed a resolution by which the national government tenders its resignation to the Russian president-elect on May 7, the government said on Telegram.

"Consistent with Article 116 of the Russian Constitution and Article 34 of the Federal Constitutional Law on the Government of the Russian Federation, the Russian government tenders its resignation to the Russian president-elect. The respective resolution has been signed," it said.

The government led by Mishustin has been in office for slightly more than four years.

The outgoing government will continue to fulfill its duties at the president's orders until the new government is confirmed in accordance with Article 117 of the Russian constitution.

The State Duma is expected to convene as early as May 10 to confirm the new prime minister.

Later that day, the candidate for prime minister nominated by the president is due to have consultations with all parliamentary factions.

According to the constitution, the Russian prime minister is confirmed by the State Duma.

The prime minister will propose the structure of federal executive authorities within a week of his confirmation. He will also propose candidates for deputy prime ministers and federal ministers to the president.

The resignation of the Mishustin government is the 15th government resignation in Russia since the adoption of the Declaration of State Sovereignty in June 1990. This is the sixth government that has tendered its resignation to the president-elect. The other governments were dismissed by presidential executive orders.