3 May 2024 22:07

Feed corn in Ukraine is becoming more expensive due to decrease in sales by farmers - analysts

MOSCOW. May 3 (Interfax) - Ukrainian processors increased purchase prices for feed corn by 300-500 hryvnia/tonne this week, Ukrainian media reported citing the APK-Inform information and analytical agency.

"High competition between processing and export-oriented companies, a shortage of grain supplies due to the suppression of sales by farmers and the dynamics in the export market continue to support prices," the analysts said.

Purchasing prices for feed corn as of May 3 are most often fixed in the range of UAH 5,600-7,300/tonne CPT, which is 300-500 UAH/tonne higher than the indicators at the beginning of this week, APK-Inform said.

The official exchange rate as of May 3 is 39.53 UAH/$1.