2 May 2024 19:54

CPC to be able to ship oil simultaneously from three single point moorings as of July 2025

MOSCOW. May 2 (Interfax) - Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) expects to complete the necessary work in July 2025 in order to ensure the possibility of simultaneously shipping oil from the three single point moorings (SPM), the company said.

CPC is implementing a de-bottlenecking program. The consortium's report from the dismantling sites of the de-bottlenecking program indicates that the fourth stage of the program includes the technical re-equipment of pressure control units and pressure relief stations with the installation of a third pressure control unit and a third pressure relief station similar to the existing ones.

"The technical solution renders it possible to send oil for loading a tanker through any new system for measuring the amount of oil along any loading line. Simultaneous loading from the three SPM will also enter into commercial operation if it is necessary to pump oil promptly from a filled tank farm of a maritime terminal owing to pauses in transshipment because of weather conditions or other reasons. The planned completion date of the project is July 16, 2025," CPC said.

CPC currently has the ability to ship oil simultaneously from only two SPM, and the third SPM is a backup.