2 May 2024 14:59

Ukrnafta conducts 3D seismic survey on area measuring 98 sq. km

MOSCOW. May 2 (Interfax) - JSC Ukrnafta has conducted a large-scale 3D seismic survey on a technological area covering 98 square kilometers for the first time in 11 years, Ukrainian media reported, citing a company press release.

"We obtained valuable geophysical information from 9,559 points collected by a cable telemetry system with the help of a group of geophones. The total seismic information array is about 400 gigabytes," Sergei Koretsky, Director of Ukrnafta, said.

The materials obtained after digital processing, which will take about two months, will have significant potential for studying the geological structure of the deposit - they will allow for the creation of a high-quality geological model and the prediction of reservoir properties at target horizons, the release said.

"This will help the company increase proven hydrocarbon reserves and increase production through successful drilling of new wells and conducting activities to intensify existing ones," Ukrnafta said

It was previously reported that Ukrnafta plans to conduct 3D seismic surveys in the west and east of Ukraine in 2024 in areas with a total area of 320 sq. km.

Ukrnafta increased production of oil with condensate 3% to 1,409,900 tonnes in 2023. Production of natural and associated petroleum gas increased 60.4 mcm or 5.8% to 1.097 billion cubic meters.

Ukrnafta has the strategic goal of doubling oil and natural gas production to 3 million tonnes and 2 bcm, respectively by 2027.

Ukrnafta is Ukraine's biggest oil producer and operates the national network of filling stations.