19 Apr 2024 15:22

Ukrainian farmers sow over 2 million hectares of spring crops, sowing progressing significantly ahead of schedule

MOSCOW. April 19 (Interfax) - Ukraine sowed 2.053 million hectares with spring grain and leguminous crops as of April 18, 42.6% more than the year before, Ukrainian media reported, citing the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food.

Wheat was sown on 204,700 hectares (versus 173,900 hectares the week before), barley was sown on 741,500 hectares (683,400 hectares the week before), peas were sown on 157,000 hectares (147,700 hectares the week before), and oats were sown on 136,600 hectares (117,000 hectares the week before).

Grains and legumes were sown on 792,600 hectares last week, preceded by 408,600 the week before and 375,400 hectares two weeks ago.

Sunflower was sown on 1.395 million hectares last week (versus 470,100 hectares the week before). Soybeans were sown in 15 regions, covering 116,300 thousand hectares. Sugar beets were sown on 223,700 hectares. In Vinnitsa, Poltava, Khmelnitsky and Chernigov regions, sowing of early sugar beets is complete.

In the Kiev, Nikolaev, Odessa, Khmelnitsky, Kherson and Chernigov regions, sowing of buckwheat and millet has commenced.

Gross production of grains and oilseeds is expected to reach 74 million tonnes in 2024, including about 52.4 million tonnes of grains and 21.7 million tonnes of oilseeds, the April forecast from the Ministry of Agrarian Policy says.

The Ministry forecasts that 19.2 million tonnes of wheat will be harvested in 2024 (versus 22.2 million tonnes in 2023), as well as 4.9 million tonnes of barley (5.7 million tonnes in 2023), 26.7 million tonnes of corn (30.5 million tonnes in 2023), 5.2 million tonnes of soybeans (4.7 million tonnes in 2023), 12.4 million tonnes of sunflower (12.9 million tonnes in 2023), and 4.1 million tonnes of rapeseed (4.7 million tonnes in 2023).

The area under grain and leguminous crops in 2024 is forecast to be 10.6 million hectares, which is 395,000 hectares less than in 2023.