18 Apr 2024 13:27

Over 2,700 trucks lining up at Latvian-Russian border

PSKOV. April 18 (Interfax) - Over 2,700 trucks are waiting to enter Russia from Latvia in the Pskov region.

As of Thursday morning, 2,020 inbound trucks were standing in line to the Burachki checkpoint (Latvia's Terehova) in the Sebezh district of Russia's Pskov region, the Russian Federal Customs Service said. Russian customs cleared 162 trucks over the past day.

Seven hundred trucks are waiting to cross into Russia from Latvia through the Ubylinka (Grebneva) checkpoint in the Pytalovo district of Russia's Pskov region, and 120 trucks have been cleared over the past day.

As reported, the number of vehicles stranded at the Burachki (Terehova) and Ubylinka (Grebneva) checkpoints at the Russian-Latvian border grew in early March, as the logistics was changed by the Latvian government's unilateral decision to close two border checkpoints, namely, Raigardas (Privalka) and Lavoriskes (Kotlovka).

From 1,400 to 2,000 trucks have been lining up at the Latvian-Russian border to cross into the Pskov region since early March.