16 Apr 2024 17:11

Ukraine focused on dialogue, not restrictions in trade with Poland - ministry

MOSCOW. April 16 (Interfax) - Ukraine will not introduce restrictions on import of agricultural products in light of tensions in relations with Poland, but will rather look for an opportunity to work without restrictions, Ukrainian media outlets quoted First Deputy Agrarian Policy and Food Minister Taras Vysotsky as saying on a nationwide telethon.

"A discussion about trade with the European Union and Poland exists. Free trade is positive for all parties involved. Any restrictions should be introduced only as a last resort," Vysotsky said.

Ukraine exported agricultural products worth $2 billion in March 2024, he said. At the same time, export of agricultural products, including seeds and other goods, from all countries, including Poland, reached nearly $700 million in the same period.

"Our balance is positive, and numbers are positive. Our export is three times higher than our import," he said.

Despite all discussions and difficulties on the Ukrainian-Polish border, export of Ukrainian agricultural goods via Poland exceeds import from Poland, Vysotsky said.