15 Apr 2024 18:53

Ukraine boosts base metal imports 1.5-fold in Q1

MOSCOW. April 15 (Interfax) - Ukraine boosted base metal imports 1.5-fold year-on-year in Q1 2024 to $42.018 million, Ukrainian media reported, quoting information published by the State Customs Service.

Exports of copper and copper products fell 16.9% to $18.138 million.

Copper was imported for $12.893 million and exported for $7.242 million in March.

Ukraine increased imports of nickel and nickel products 2.4-fold year-on-year in Q1 to $7.697 million, including $2.267 million in March; aluminum and its products from it 20% to $98.535 million, including $38.102 million in March, lead and products 30.1% to $281,000, including $140,000 in March and zinc and zinc products 55.6% to $11.860 million, including $5.454 million in March. Imports of tin and products fell, by 4.3% to $620,000, including $113,000 in March.

Exports of nickel and products increased slightly to $94,000 in Q1, including $45,000 in March, against $92,000 in the first three months of 2023; aluminum and its products rose 1.2% to $23.387 million including $7.769 million in March and tin to $81,000 from $48,000 a year previously, including $47,000 in March. Exports of lead and its products fell 36.1% to $2.834 million, including $1.076 million in March, and zinc fell to $44,000 from $46,000, including $24,000 in March.

Ukraine reduced exports of ores and concentrates containing titanium 43.7% to 2,335 tonnes and 43.3% to $3.846 million year-on-year in Q1. Most was exported to Turkey - 67.3% in value, the Philippines - 8.71% and Poland - 6.55%.

Ukraine did not import ores containing titanium in Q1 2024.