15 Apr 2024 15:16

DTEK has launched operations of eight coalfaces since start of 2024, plans to commission 26 overall

MOSCOW. April 15 (Interfax) - DTEK Energy, Ukraine's largest privately owned domestic power-generating company, has commissioned eight new longwall coalfaces since the beginning of 2024, two of them in March, Ukrainian media reported, citing a company statement.

Commissioning new longwall coalfaces should render it possible to meet the fuel needs of thermal power plants during the summer peaks and to accumulate reserves for the next heating season, the company said.

"Operations of our thermal power plants should be in great demand already this summer and then during the next heating season. Extracting fuel for the needs of thermal generation requires rhythm and consistency in all processes," DTEK Energy CEO Ildar Saleyev said in the press release.

A total of 26 new longwall coalfaces are planned for commissioning at DTEK Energy's mines in 2024.

DTEK Energy provides a closed cycle of electricity production from coal. The installed capacity in thermal electricity generation totaled 13.3 GW as of January 2022. A full production cycle has been created in coal mining, including extracting and washing coal, as well as machinery manufacturing and servicing mining equipment.