12 Apr 2024 19:53

Belarus once again increases minimum export prices for several dairy products for Russia

MINSK. April 12 (Interfax) - The Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Belarus has increased minimum prices for certain goods sold under foreign trade agreements.

The resolution from the Ministry of Agriculture and Food was published Friday on the National Legal Internet Portal.

The resolution says that milk and cream in solid forms (including condensed, powder and granules) with a fat content of more than 1.5%, without added sugar or other sweeteners, cannot be sold to Russia for less than 345 Russian rubles per kg (previously 340 rubles) starting April 12.

The minimum prices for other dairy products exported to Russia, as well as prices for other countries, remained unchanged.

Previously, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Belarus increased minimum prices for dairy products for export to the Russian market on March 8 and 23, as well as on April 2.