11 Apr 2024 20:59

Sales of tours to Europe up 25% in 2024

MOSCOW. April 11 (Interfax) - Russians have started booking tours to Europe more actively, and sales have gone up 25% compared to last year, Voskan Arzumanov, general director of the tour operator TEZ Tour, said.

"As for outbound tourism, the situation there involves an increase as well. There is a list of popular destinations. They of course include Turkey, which everyone loves, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Egypt - all these destinations are being booked fairly actively. There is also an interest in Europe; sales have increased by some 25%. In general, foreign destinations with direct flights are popular," he told a press conference on Thursday.

The only problem tourists face abroad is the inconveniences associated with paying for purchases and services, Arzumanov said.

Dmitry Arutyunov, director of the company Art-Tour, said European countries are being booked for the May holidays at a stable rate, but there has been no sharp increase in sales.

"The cost of flights with connections is high; therefore, Europe is not the most popular destination for the May holidays. Summer is selling more actively," he said.

The expert also said the demand for Africa among Russian tourists has increased, in addition to trips to countries of the Middle East and Southeast Asia.