11 Apr 2024 09:46

Gazprom Neft switches 85% of employee workstations to Russian OS, 79% to Russian office software

MOSCOW. April 11 (Interfax) - Gazprom Neft has switched 85% of user devices (workstations) to Russian operating system Astra Linux, which was developed by Astra Group , the head of the oil company's information technology, automation and telecommunications department, Anton Dumin told Interfax.

He said 48,200 workstations have been switched to Astra Linux and about 8,500 have yet to be switched to the Russian OS.

Furthermore, 79% of user devices at the company have been switched to Russian office software and Gazprom Neft plans to increase this figure to 83% by the end of 2024, Dumin said, adding that this is the "overall figure for 47 types of Russian software that the company uses."

The most commonly used office products at the company include corporate communications system TrueConf, office suite R7-Office and planning system R7-Organizer.

Astra Group CEO Ilya Sivtsev said the transition to the new OS at Gazprom Neft did not just entail replacing former operating systems with the Russian product, it also involved customizing Astra Linux for the company's needs.

"We analyze the functional requirements for planned infrastructure solutions and their applicability to our software, actively participate in the formation of architecture based on our products, create technical descriptions and instructions taking into account information security requirements, and consult on the implementation of solutions and planning for the development of infrastructure, including heterogeneous," Sivtsev said.

"A focus group of users was formed at Gazprom Neft and it helped us formulate the requirements that provided the basis for work on Astra Proxima, the new interface of the OS," he said.

Gazprom Neft did not specify the cost of the transition to the Russian OS and office software. An Astra Linux license for one workstation currently costs 6,000 to 20,000 rubles, depending on the version of the OS, level of technical support and need for customization for customer needs.

Astra Group develops infrastructure software, including the Astra Linux OS. The group wholly or partially owns 17 IT companies in Russia and Belarus, according to company information.

Gas industry journal Gazovaya Promyshlennost reported earlier that Gazprom had recommended Russian developers and manufacturers of software and hardware systems allow for the possibility of using the Astra Linux OS in their products that are intended for use in the process automation systems of companies in the Gazprom Group, which includes Gazprom Neft. This is expected to accelerate standardization of software and reduce operating costs, including costs related to trainging service staff.

This recommendation is also dictated by the fact that more than 70% of the Russian software and hardware systems tested at the company and cleared for use at its production facilities already use the Astra Linux OS, the journal said.

Gazprom has a network of testing grounds for developing and testing Russian IT solutions and testing tools and automation systems developed by Russian companies. More than 100 solutions have already been tested there.