9 Apr 2024 18:23

Moldovagaz could return to partially buying gas from Gazprom

CHISINAU. April 9 (Interfax) - Moldovagaz could buy part of the gas needed for Moldova in May - September from Gazprom , Moldovagaz chief executive Vadim Ceban said in a letter to Moldova's National Agency for Energy, a copy of which was posted on his Telegram channel.

"From May to September 2024, Moldovagaz could cover part of the gas needed for consumption [with gas purchased] from Gazprom and another part, with gas bought on a competition basis by choosing a supplier with a view to getting the lowest purchase price for gas and providing consumers with gas," the letter says.

Ceban wrote the letter in connection with the Energocom state company entering the retail market in Moldova.

Earlier, Moldova imposed a state of emergency, with Energocom buying gas on foreign markets and delivering it to the biggest supplier, Moldovagaz. This situation will continue until the end of this month. In May, Energocom plans to begin selling gas on the domestic market, and has already won a tender to supply another state enterprise, Chisinau Glass Factory, with natural gas.

Since the fall of 2022, Gazprom supplied Moldova with 5.7 million cubic meters of gas per day, which does not meet all of the country's needs during the winter period. From December 2022, all of the gas received from Gazprom has been going to Transdniestria, where it is used not only for its own consumption, but also to produce electricity at the Moldovan hydropower plant. This electricity covers more than 80% of Moldova's consumption.

Moldovagaz, in turn, has been using gas bought by Energocom at international auctions since December 2022. This scheme is due to end in April 2024.