4 Apr 2024 16:35

Globaltrans appoints new board of directors following redomiciliation and change in ownership

MOSCOW. April 4 (Interfax) - An extraordinary meeting of shareholders of Globaltrans Investment PLC on Thursday elected a new board of directors of 13 people, the company said.

Its new members are Abdulla Belobida, Abdultayab Bahrainwala, Albina Amangeldinova, Alexander Storozhev, Anton Gazizov, Jafar Borhan, Jouslin Khairallah, Kairat Itemgenov, Ruslan Izatov, Stefan Henrich, Vyacheslav Stanislavsky, Yerzhan Niyazaliev and Yusef Abu Laban.

Globaltrans completed the redomiciliation process from Cyprus to the Abu Dhabi Free Economic Zone in March. The company was acquired by a new co-owner, Kazakh businessman Kairat Itemgenov in January, when he bought out the shares of Nikita Mishin, Konstantin Nikolaev and Sergei Maltsev, the company's three main shareholders.

Globaltrans specializes in the rail transportation of metallurgical cargo, petroleum products, construction materials and coal. The company was founded in 2004 by a group of like-minded entrepreneurs who united their freight rail transportation businesses under a single brand, Globaltrans. The Globaltrans fleet at the end of June 2023 consisted of about 66,000 units of rolling stock, with 94% of the total fleet company-owned.

Globaltrans saw a change in ownership in January. The main shareholder of Globaltrans (26.7% of shares) is investment company Aqniet Capital LLP (Kazakhstan), the beneficiary of which is businessman Kairat Itemgenov; Marigold Investments Ltd. (the beneficiary is co-founder of Globaltrans Andrey Filatov) owns 11.5%; Litten Investments Ltd. (the beneficiary is co-founder of Globaltrans Alexander Eliseev) has 5.1%; Transportation Investments Management Ltd. (beneficiaries - co-founders of Globaltrans Andrey Filatov, Nikita Mishin and Konstantin Nikolaev) owns 0.9%, and 0, 1% is under the control of directors and management. Free float is 55.7%.