1 Apr 2024 19:32

Grain shipments redirected from Ukraine's western borders to Odessa ports - Ukrainian Railways

MOSCOW. April 1 (Interfax) - The amount of grain cars on Ukraine's western border has been on decline as grain shipments are redirected from western borders to the Greater Odessa seaports, Ukrainian Railways Commercial Operations Department Deputy Director Valery Tkachev said.

"The railcar flow with grain shipments redirected from the western borders to the seaports of Greater Odessa. The amount of grain shipments transferred at the borders with all without neighboring countries, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, and Romania, has been on decline," Ukrainian media quoted him as saying on social media.

In March, the average daily number of grain cars transferred on the border with Poland reached 78.26 cars per day (-13.74 cars day on day, or -14.93% to February 2024), 67.58 cars per day on the border with Romania (-21.42 cars day on day, or -24.07%), 35.55 cars per day on the border with Hungary (-1.14 cars day on day, or -3.11%), and 41.26 cars per day on the border with Slovakia (-15.25 cars day on day, or -26.99%), the statement said.

The total average daily transfer of grain shipments and press cakes stood at 307 cars per day in March, which is a 17.69% drop, or 66 car per day, compared to February, it said.

Currently, there is nothing prevents the transfer of cargo, and railroad border checkpoints operate as usual, Tkachev said.

The number of grain cars moving towards the ports of Greater Odessa has increased 10.48%, or up to 7,803 cars, over the past week. The average daily unloading rate fell 3.18% to 1,368 weights per day over the past week.

Currently, Ukrainian Railways operates as usual, Tkachev said.