29 Mar 2024 21:53

Nemtsov's attorney Vadim Prokhorov recognized as foreign agent

MOSCOW. March 29 (Interfax) - Boris Vishnevsky, a member of the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly, and attorney Vadim Prokhorov, who defended Boris Nemtsov and convicted opposition activist Vladimir Kara-Murza (a foreign agent), have been included by the Russian Justice Ministry in the register of foreign agents.

According to the Justice Ministry, Prokhorov "disseminated false information on decisions made by public bodies of the Russian Federation and their policies [and] was involved in creating messages and materials of foreign agents for an unlimited number of people," the Justice Ministry said.

Vishnevsky "participated as a respondent on information sites provided by foreign media and foreign agents [and] spoke against the special military operation in Ukraine," the ministry said.

The human rights project First Department, created by attorney Ivan Pavlov (recognized as a foreign agent), who defended some targets of investigations into high treason cases, including journalist Ivan Safronov, was also included in the register.

"First Department opposed the special military operation in Ukraine [and] disseminated false information on decisions made by Russian public bodies and their policies. It disseminated information that promoted financial assistance to Ukraine and organizations whose operations have been recognized as unwelcome on the territory of the Russian Federation," the Justice Ministry said.

Prokhorov, in particular, is known as an attorney for politician Boris Nemtsov and public figure Kara-Murza, who is now serving a 25-year prison term for high treason and fakes about the Russian Armed Forces.