26 Mar 2024 13:33

Ukrainian agriculture short of personnel, funds - association

MOSCOW. March 26 (Interfax) - As spring sowing begins in Ukraine, a number of regions are short of agricultural personnel, Agrarian Union of Ukraine Deputy Chairman Denis Marchuk said on the national TV marathon, as reported by Ukrainian media.

"Agriculture is short of personnel because of massive mobilization. There is a shortage of personal for spring and autumn sowing and harvesting when the number of people working in the field reaches its peak. This is our concern in the context of the new mobilization bill, which must take the needs of agribusiness into account," Marchuk said.

Service deferrals are available in agribusiness, but the process is time-consuming, Marchuk said, adding that it takes one or two months since the submission of documents. This means that a worker could be mobilized while an agricultural enterprise counts on him.

"A bill on the electronic approval of deferrals, which should take one or two days, is being drafted in Ukraine. We are looking forward to it," Marchuk said.

Besides the shortage of personnel, agriculture is in dire need of funds, he said.

"The shortage of funds also has serious implications for the future harvest, as farmers will cut the use of fertilizers and plant protection products. Ukraine had a harvest of over 80 million tonnes last year, but the gross grain and legumes harvest is not expected to exceed 75 million tonnes this year," Marchuk said.