26 Mar 2024 13:06

Poland expects Ukrainian grain transit to stop on April 1

MOSCOW. March 26 (Interfax) - Poland and Ukraine are holding talks on introducing a licensing system for agricultural products, and Poland hopes that the transit of Ukrainian grain will be stopped from April 1, Ukrainian media said, citing Polish Development and Technology Minister Krzysztof Hetman's remarks to Radio Lublin.

"We have made significant progress in the talks with Ukraine on a licensing system that our predecessors proved unable to introduce. Our talks with Ukraine are already at the stage where we are discussing sensitive products. I hope that these negotiations will continue this week and will move toward their conclusion," Hetman said.

The Polish government is planning subsidies for farmers who have wheat excesses, he said.

"We hope - because this is what we discussed with the Ukrainian said - that even the transit, primarily of corn and wheat, will practically stop on April 1," Hetman said.

A large number of Polish farmers' demands, including those related to the European Union's Green Deal, have been met since the protests began on the border with Ukraine three months ago, he said.